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Ask a Librarian

A dedicated staff of library professionals is available to help patrons find the answers they seek.  The Reference Desk is located on the Main Level.  Questions may be asked in person during normal Hours of Operation, on the phone by calling 508-764-5426, Ext.105 or by e-mail at

Ask a Local Librarian

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Local History & Genealogy

The Reference Department maintains the Holmes Ammidown History Room on the Main Level. This room houses many important pieces from local history and holds numerous collections of books, photographs, maps, directories, and memorabilia. While the History Room is not open to the public, patrons are welcome to request items that can be brought out to the Reference area for research purposes.

Additionally, the Library maintains an extensive local newspaper collection on microfilm. For more information of available resources, please click here.

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Digital Collections of Historical Materials

Digital Commonwealth houses many historical photographs of Southbridge. 

Internet Archive houses digitized yearbooks and Town of Southbridge Annual Reports.

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Exam Proctoring

A reference librarian is available to proctor tests or exams by appointment. Please contact the Reference Department at, or 508-764-5426 x105 with any questions or to schedule an exam.

Please note that we do not offer constant monitoring, if this is a requirement of your school or organization. Students use a table in the Reference Area to take exams. Please also take into consideration that while the library is generally quiet, it is not a distraction-free environment. There is no charge for exam proctoring.

Please see the Exam Protoring Guidelines here. Completed forms may be returned to the reference desk.

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eBooks and Downloadable Audiobooks

Download free eBooks and audiobooks through the library! Three catalogs of eBooks are available. Overdrive and Axis360 provide popular fiction and nonfiction. Biblioboard provides primary source documents for academic research. 

You can also download free digital magazines through Zinio!

See our online resource page for more information.

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Mass 2-1-1

Mass 2-1-1's online directory provides access to statewide community resources. Search by keyword or topics to find information and resources for emergency food, rent, help paying your heating and utility bills, mental health counseling, health programs, public health and safety services, child care referrals, job resources, and other help for individuals, parents and families. 

Web Directory

Our web directory is a collection of websites found on the World Wide Web.  We have made every effort to select sites that we feel are maintained by reputable sources.  However, the Jacob Edwards Library does not endorse or attempt to ensure that the information contained in these sites is accurate.  We simply provide this directory as a guide to our patrons.


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